Exercise That Get Results In A Short Amount Of Time

The common excuse for not working out and staying in shape is “I do not have enough time”. That is kind of silly, you can have a limited amount of time but to not have time at all is a stretch. The purpose of this article is to give you some time saving options to your work out routine. Exercises that will get you results but will not use up too much of your time.

Cardio vs Resistance Training

Most people think that if you only have limited amount of time for exercise than just go for a run or have a session on the exercise bike, that will get you results but if you want better results in a limited amount of time then you are much better off going for weight training instead.

Why is that? Lifting weights will burn calories even after you have finished working out, while cardio burns more calories whilst training, the calorie burning stops after you have finished exercising. On top of that muscles burn calories just for being there – yes when you are resting, that’s why muscular people can eat large quantities even when they stop working out.

The Four Types Of Resistance Training You Should Do

Squats; I will let the video do the explaining.

Push ups; We all know what a push up is, doing bench press with barbell or dumbbells will also work all of the same muscles.

Pull Ups; Alternatively you can do pull downs or seated rows, they all use similar muscle groups. Pull ups/ chin ups are more of an advanced type of workout. Here is some pull up workouts suitable for beginners to advanced.

Abdominal Workouts; Or also known as core workouts. There are so many different ways to work your abs. The video below showcases several of the most popular workouts. Don’t forget to work your lower back as well.

These workouts are known as compound workouts. Meaning they work many muscle groups simultaneously, they are tough and you will fell like you are working hard but that is the point. Working hard will get you results and it will do it fast!

Of course resistance training will not build up your cardio vascular fitness, remember your lungs need exercise as well. But if you have limited amount of time and you need to prioritize then I will recommend you lift weights as you can always incorporate cardio vascular exercise into your everyday activities. For example take the stairs instead of the lift, walk or bike instead of driving your car or using public transport etc. You get the idea.


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