Hemp Can Get Rid Of Your Cellulite

That is a pretty bold claim to make and you are no doubt a little skeptical, there is nothing wrong with a little skepticism. I personally do not suffer from cellulite, (perhaps because of regular hemp use) so the way I came to this conclusion is after reading a post titled how to get rid of cellulite fast.

In this post it makes lots of claims that align with hemp seed consumption as well as industrial hemp uses, they are as follows;

Cellulite is attributed to unbalanced hormone levels

hemp plastic bottlesThere is a chemical called BPA (aka bisphenol A) that is known as a xenoestrogen and has been linked to disruption of hormones.  Plastic made using hemp does not contain these nasty chemicals and is also biodegradable. Two reasons to ditch oil derived plastics.

Meat and dairy are full of hormones

I think it is common knowledge that both dairy and meat these days are loaded with hormones (and other nasty chemicals that do not belong in your body) so if you rely mainly on nutritious hemp seeds for your protein needs than you will be avoiding all of these cellulite enhancing hormones. The other option is to go for organic meat and dairy.

An acidic body promotes cellulite

Meat and dairy are two of the many things that will make your body more acidic, yet another reason to make hemp seeds a regular part of your diet as hemp seed protein will make your body more alkaline. There are also may other benefits of hemp seeds that you can read about here.

Too much toxins in your body will give you cellulite

Toxins from plastics, meat and dairy. Also did you know that essential fatty acids, (something that hemp seeds are rich in) makes up the walls of your cells, these walls help to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins. There are other sources of essential fatty acids but hemp seeds are not abundant in them but they also have an almost perfect ratio of them.

Poor circulation can be attributed to  causing cellulite

Hemp seeds have been known to improve your circulation, I guess you are starting to see a pattern here, I am sure there are many other reasons why hemp is excellent at not only getting rid of cellulite but keeping your body healthy and saving the environment.

My favorite way of consuming hemp seeds is in a smoothie with fruit and other super foods such as chia seeds and cacao powder. I also like to drizzle hemp seed oil on my salads, it gives it a nice ‘nutty’ flavor.

Hemp – Not an alternative but a solution!