Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds For Body Builders And Vegans

hemp-seed-nutritionWith nine vital amino acids, hemp is a high protein seed which contains fiber, Vitamin E, trace minerals, and various fatty acids. It could help you start a good retaining balance with its 3:1 ratio of omega 3 and 6 fats. Unlike some protein shakes and supplements, hemp seeds are very easy to digest and won’t make you feel bloated or full of stomach gas.

Another edge noted is the absence of phytic acid in hemp seeds. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient substance which hinders the body from mineral absorption. Usually in high amounts, it is most commonly found in soy products.


Hemp seeds contain the complete set of 20 essential amino acids with the inclusion of other 9 amino acids that the body cannot produce independently. It is the best source for complete amino acid compared to most seeds sold in the market. With all these, the seeds could help the body fight off developing diseases and improve the health of immuno-deficient individuals.

As for the high protein content, most vegetarians find hemp seeds the best alternative source for their protein needs. It could also help protect the cells, tissues, organs, skin, immunity and the bloodstream with the high phytonutrients present and the inclusion of polyunsaturated vital fatty acids.

The benefits are being supported by Czechoslovakia Tubercular Nutritional Study in 1955.

Hemp and Marijuana

Oftentimes, marijuana is associated with hemps due to their several similarities including their family origin. Though both are from the same family of Cannabis sativa L., the two plants differ when it comes to their subspecies.

Marijuana is described as a plant which contains high psychoactive varieties of Cannabis and is very famous for its high THC content. On the other hand, hemp is a variant of Cannabis containing low amounts of THC and is commercialized as seeds, oil and fiber. It is available in most countries except in the USA.

Hemp as Food

Hemps are commonly sold as nuts in shelled seeds which could be ground or roasted. Other forms are available with the use of hemp milk as flour, tofu alternative or simply as a nutritious spread for crackers and breads. Sprouted hemp seeds could also serve as an ingredient to your salad recipes. Some people compared its taste similar to sunflower seeds and pine nuts, proving everyone that hemps could be used together with many healthy snacks and meals.

Medicinal Value

Not only vegans could benefit from hemp seeds since diabetic patients also tried to include the food on their diet. Due to the low carbohydrate content, the glycemic index also drops low with the high nutrients known to moderate the blood sugar level of diabetics. Shelled hemps are more recommended than the whole seed for the reason that the protein content is richer up to 30%.

Lecithin, a nutrient also found in hemp, helps protect the brain and the nervous system, enhances enzyme production of the body and breaks down fats accordingly. Its by-product, choline, helps improve the brain impulses throughout the body while improving the gallbladder and liver function. Acetylcholine, a derivative of choline, improves the memory especially for Alzheimer patients.

Another helpful component of hemps is the Vitamin B8 or inositol, which inhibits the artery from hardening by moderating the cholesterol levels. The plant hormones known as phytosterols or phytoestrogens also help in regulating the cell metabolism as well as the cholesterol absorption.

Aside from the mentioned vitamins and minerals, zinc, sulfur, iron and electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are also present.


Vegetarian Body Building

Preferred by most bodybuilders, meat protein alternatives are starting to open a new path in the world of body building. Being a traditional high source of protein, meat became the number one choice for body builders all over the world until hemp seeds came into the picture. Hemps could provide more suitable proteins than that of meat products even when consumed in small amounts. Hemp seed protein is also superior to whey protein.

On the other hand, huge consumption of meats should be done first before a person could get enough value of proteins to make the muscles grow. It is also a common knowledge to everyone that meat products possess high levels of saturated fats. Developing certain diseases including cancer and heart diseases are also at risk.

Weight Loss

Cutting down meat and dairy from your diet is a great way to lose weight, in fact many of the most popular weight loss programs confirm this. As we all know being overweight is detrimental to your health and the impact excessive meat and dairy consumption has on the environment is killing the planet. Hemp seed protein is ideal for both your health and the planets health. Whey protein is one of the more popular protein supplements on the market and when you look at sprouted brown rice protein compared to whey protein you will see that the rice protein is superior but hemp protein is just a little better than brown rice protein so hemp for the win…


A very important factor for body builders is their bodies’ bioavailability to boost muscle growth after an extreme workout. It happens because the body needs more protein to repair and build the muscles. It is also a very good opportunity for muscle development.

In this regard, the body must acquire the right amount of amino acids immediately to sustain its growth since the chance gradually declines as the time passes by. As the protein from meat is present in the form of complex amino acids, it would take quite some time to break it down into basic forms. Through this, some of the protein and useful nutrients from meat are not readily absorbed by the system.

Hemp seeds could provide the body better with its simple readily available amino acid contents. The availability of phytonutrients and enzymes promote faster body absorption. In line with this, hemp seeds are among the best choice of most vegetarian body builders.

Recovery and Relief

With the complete set of amino acids found in hemp, the seeds could easily repair the strained tissues and muscles once the workout routine was done. The joints are additionally lubricated while the pain is soothed with the fast action of the amino acids. Since the body is acidic after a vigorous exercise, hemps could neutralize the system thru their strong anti-inflammatory alkaline ability. Muscle inflammation could be lessened by the use of hemp oils while providing absolute relief from tenderness.

Though hemp seeds provide a complete source of amino acids, it is also advisable to combine the seeds with almonds and cashews for a great source of tryptophan. However, combinations with soy products are highly discouraged since there are some reported incidents of indigestion.

Hemp Can Challenge Fossil Fuels

Hemp As A Biofuel: Pros, Cons and Why We Need It?

hemp-biofuelFirst of let me start this post by saying the pros out weigh the cons by far! Hemp Biofuel is not an alternative to fossil fuels but a solution, a much needed solution. When we hear the term”biofuel” for the first time, we immediately think of an alternative to conventional methods of power, an alternative would suggest it is on par or even with what we use- but it is far superior in almost every way, yet we still rely on fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Skeptics argue that using plants such as corn for biofuel will raise prices for food and/or use land that is required to grow food which will in turn raise the price of your weekly grocery bill. As well as what continuous farming does to the land! But this particular plant is quite unique when it is compared with other fuel crops… Here are some facts about hemp you should know.


Hemp Fuel: Pros, Cons and comparison to other energy sources

How do we compare hemp fuel with fossil fuel? These are the pros and cons.


  • Hemp biofuel eliminates criteria pollutants and the emissions of carbon monoxide, which is 50% lower than the emissions from fossil fuel
  • We breathe exhaust emissions that are hazardous to our health. The use of hemp biofuel decreases the exhaust of particulate matter by 30% and lowers health risk from use of fossil fuel. According to a research, hemp fuel emissions cut levels of PAH and nitrated PAH as well as a whole lot of other carcinogens. (substances that can cause cancer)
  • Hemp seeds are a very nutritious source of food so growing the hemp plant in land designated for growing food will not only produce food but will also fuel and not to mention the other 25,000 uses for hemp.(biodiesel is made from hemp seed oil, bioethanol is made from other parts of the plant)
  • Reduced demand for herbicides and pesticides. Hemp is a fast growing plant that ‘fans out’ meaning it will grow faster than most weeds and the leaves will block the sun essentially killing the weeds. Hemp is also a very ‘hardy plant’ it can grow in conditions that other plants will struggle to grow in and it has few pests.
  • Hemp fuel is sustainable, you can grow a new crop of hemp every year, where as fossil fuels take millions of years to regenerate.
  • Biofuels are cleaner burning thus reducing engine wear
  • It is safer to store than fossil fuels.
  • Hemp will help release the stranglehold that big oil companies have on the consumer

Hemp Biofuel is carbon neutral

What does that mean? Basically the amount of carbon that the actual plants ‘breathes in’ whilst it is growing is equivalent to what is produced when it is consumed as a biofuel. So it will not contribute to the accumulation of carbon that is spewed into the air every day!


  • Hemp looks almost identical to Marijuana so a helicopter flying over a field of hemp will be unable to tell the difference. (the ethics on weather or not marijuana should be illegal is the subject of another post)
  • Hemp oil (used for making biodiesel) has a short self life.

So why is it not widely used?

My personal opinion is Greed!

As you know Marijuana is officially classed as a drug and Hemp was placed in the same category.

Unlike marijuana, hemp won’t make you “high” because it has almost no THC ­ (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). Hemp’s THC level is only around 1%, while that of marijuana reaches between 5% to 15%. So it would not be possible to consume enough hemp to get you high.

As well as the fact you can make a substitute plastic from hemp, plastic and fuel is two things we get from oil- so that puts industrial hemp in direct competition with oil companies! Not to mention all of the other industries threatened by this useful plant.


While other nations are more realistic about hemp policy. The US doesn’t seem to be rational when it comes to the hemp issue, it is the only developed nation which doesn’t recognize the importance of hemp use for production. But did you know it use to be illegal for a farmer not to grow hemp in America, considering it is such a useful plant. And get this the US constitution was written on hemp paper.

It more environmentally friendly to grow than any other biofuel plant, It is much less harmful to the environment than burning fossil fuels. Remember the big oil spill near Mexico, yet another reason to shy away from oil. And an Ironic part of this is the fact that hemp fibre is one of the best ways of absorbing oil!

Hemp Paper- Better In so Many Ways

Our world is in the middle of an environmental crisis it does not have to be in. We have become entirely too dependent on wood and fossil fuels, and are starting to really see the effect it on our world. Today, we are using and burning more fossil fuel than ever before. We are also cutting down forests at alarming rates. Both of these actions are harming our environment. Fortunately, there is a solution to our paper and fuel consummation problems that is really quite simple and can be summarized in one word: hemp.

Our Country And Our World Are Overly Dependent On Wood

Our world today is currently extremely dependent on wood for many different items. Our dependency on wood results in a huge increase in the CO2 into our air and atmosphere. At this point in time, deforestation has led to the release of at least 120 billion tons of CO2 into the environment. This CO2 is harming our atmosphere. It is also contributing to global warming and causing rising temperature around the world. We use this wood to create many different products, some which may surprise you. 93% of all of the paper products we produce are made from wood. We also use wood products to build our homes and our furniture. We even use wood products in our food supply.

Forests Are Being Harmed Due To Our Dependency On Wood

Due to our dependency on wood, over 70% of the forests in the United States have been destroyed since 1916. Although forests still cover about 30% of the Earth’s land areas, we lose forests the size of Panama each and every year. We lose about 116 square miles of rain forest every day due to deforestation. At the rate we are currently destroying forests due to our dependency on wood, all our forests could be gone within the next hundred years, which really is a blink of an eye.

We Can Save Our Forests By Using Hemp Instead Of Wood


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The great news is that we can save our forests and stop adding unnecessary CO2 to the environment by using hemp instead of wood. Hemp can be used to create all of the same products we depend on wood for, including paper, cardboard and particle board. Hemp can even be used to build houses and construct furniture. We do not have to stop using these products, we just have to change how we make them.

Farmers Can Grow Hemp

All of these products can be made from hemp. Industrial hemp can be grown as a rotating crop by farmers. Farmers can grow and harvest up to four hemp crops per year. It only takes eight to twelve weeks for hemp crops to mature, allowing farmers to grow multiple crops per year. Different strands of industrial hemp can be grown in climates all around the world. You can grow hemp in the desert. You can also grow hemp in an area that is more lush with vegetation and resources.

Hemp Creates Stronger Products

Hemp is a great substitute for paper because it produces such strong fibers. Hemp fibers are actually stronger than paper fibers, and hemp paper lasts longer and can be reused and recycled more times than paper can. In fact, the cellulose, edible proteins, fibers and oils from a hemp harvest can be used for over 50,000 product applications. It can be used to create hemp paper as well as hemp toilet paper. Making all of our paper products out of hemp will save millions of trees and thousands of acres of forest every year, as well as reduce our CO2 impact on the environment.

It is superior to conventional paper in the respect that it does not need to be bleached as much, wood paper is not white to start off with so it is necessary to bleach it to achieve a whit color where as hemp paper does not require as much/any bleaching. This causes normal paper to be slightly toxic!

Some basic hemp paper facts are pretty impressive. Hemp paper and resources can be recycled up to 10 times, whereas paper made from wood fibers can only be recycled about three to four times. According to a United States Department of Agriculture report, an acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper that it takes four acres of forest to produce. Add to the fact that you can regrow the same acre of hemp three to four per year, a single acre of hemp can save between twelve to sixteen acres of forest in one year.

Hemp Can Help Cut Our Dependency On Fossil Fuels Too

Hemp cannot only solve our paper problems, it can also solve our fossil fuel problems. Hemp can be used to create gasoline. The idea of electric cars are great, but they have never really taken off and would involve the creation of a new infrastructure. Using the infrastructure that we already have in place, we can use hemp instead of fossil fuel to fuel our cars. In fact, hemp can even be used to create cars. Back in 1941, the Ford motor company actually produced a prototype vehicle that was made from 70% cellulose hemp fibers. Hemp can be used to make and fuel our cars.

Hemp Is The Solution We Need

We no longer have to be dependent on wood and fossil fuels. We no longer have to cut down our precious forests in order to make paper products. All the products we make from wood fibers can be made instead from hemp fibers instead. Hemp can be grown as a rotating crop by farmers. It can be grown in the desert or on ordinary farm plots all around the world. Outside of being able to make organic hemp rolling papers, and other paper products, hemp can be used for other applications as well. It can be used to make cars as well as the fuel we need to drive them. Hemp can be used to create over 50,000 different products. Hemp can save our forests from deforestation and reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. Hemp is the solutions to all of our consumption problems.